The Good Food Club


The Belvidere Good Food Club is a Shrewsbury Youth for Christ project run in partnership with Belvidere School, the Shrewsbury Food Hub and Shrewsbury Baptist Church.

429828758_13971630589355289526 430516234_3894680898420781529Each week the Belvidere Good Food Club meet together and, using food provided by the Food Hub, cook and eat a delicious meal together!


The Good Food Club exists:

  • To encourage young people to think about the food they eat and the effects on their health
  • To encourage young people to try new foods
  • To encourage young people to cook and eat together
  • To provide group mentoring for vulnerable young people
  • To facilitate partnership between local church and local school

If you would like more information about the Good Food Club or would like to chat about something running something similar in your school or community, please get in touch with Hannah at: