Music Mentoring

2014-09-29 10_FotorShrewsbury Youth for Christ’s music mentoring programme is a twelve week course that uses music as a tool for engaging young people, building their confidence and supporting their personal development. Each session is designed with a theme that links life issues with aspects of music theory and practice. Participants explore and learn about music through hands-on activities, and discuss the related topics in a small group with the mentor.

These sessions are run in partnership with Andy Lowe from Hope Sounds.

The programme is designed to be delivered in schools as twelve 40-minute sessions with up to four young people. The outline of the course is below:

Session 1 – Getting started (Introduction)

Ableton liveSession 2 – Harmonious (Conflict)

Session 3 – Highs and lows (Facing challenges)

Session 4 – Find your voice (Self-expression)

Session 5 – Feel the groove (Emotions)

Session 6 – Sounds unique (Identity)

Session 7 – Mix tape (Diversity)

Session 8 – Ensemble (Community)

Session 9 – Keep the beat (Rules)

Session 10 – Masterpiece (Goals)

Session 11 – Message of the music (Communication)

Session 12 – Looking back (Reflection)


“Helped me understand music better” – Josh, Year 8
“Gave me confidence to try new things” – Callum, Year 9
“Lots of fun” – Tom, Year 9
“I have got better” – Luke, Year 8

For more information please email or call 01743 270537.