It’s Your Move

It’s Your Move is a transition project for Year 6 School Leavers.

Each July, in partnership with local churches, Shrewsbury Youth for Christ take assemblies and lessons in several of our local primary schools.

In each school we present an assembly on the theme of ‘change’, which encourages the whole school to think positively about change and gives an opportunity to think about God being with them on their new journey. Each Year 6 pupil is then presented with a book (It’s Your Move’) which is full of really useful tips on moving up to secondary school.

We then take an hour long lesson with the Year 6s which allows time to talk in more detail about the move to secondary school and what they can expect. We use video clips of year 7 pupils from local schools who share their experience of moving up and give some great advice.


Please do contact us if you would like the ‘It’s Your Move’ transition programme in your school.