Campfire Cooking

The six week course is designed to teach young people about cooking and nutrition through the means of outdoor campfire cooking. Students will learn fire making skills as well as food preparation and a variety of cooking techniques. The course is particularly aimed at engaging young people who would find cookery less appealing or harder to engage with in a traditionalclassroom environment. The emphasis is on cooking and eating together and through doing so it presents an opportunity to grow in self confidence and practice teamwork in a very hands on way.

Student and school feedback:

We definitely feel the boys have benefitted from this course. It helped them to grow in confidence, learn some new skills when cooking (gutting fish) and form new friendships” Pastoral Team Staff Member

I enjoyed the conversations”

“It felt more relaxed, not rushed like when we are cooking in school”

It was nice to sit down at the end to eat and chat”

The staff were really talkative and calm they didn’t get cross with you and they were understanding and didn’t rush you”