The Good Food Club

One of our most recent projects at Shrewsbury Youth for Christ is the brilliant Belvidere Good Food Club.

The Belvidere Good Food Club is an SYFC project run in partnership with Belvidere School, the Shrewsbury Food Hub and Shrewsbury Baptist Church.

Each week we get together to create a meal together and eat together. But what was the motivation for the Food Club?

I love food and I spend a more-than-normal amount of my life thinking about food. I love creating food that is healthy and that tastes delicious; I think a lot of this love stems from the  many fond memories I have of growing up as a kid and my mum creating feasts for family and friends. But then one day at one of our school clubs I heard something that shocked me: one of our students had a tablespoon of sugar for breakfast. Of course,  I’d seen the increase in sugar among young people and have often been alarmed at seeing kids with 2 litre bottles of coke on their way home from school. But sugar for breakfast, that was a new one on me.

At about this time, I’d heard of the Shrewsbury Charity, The Food Hub, who collect surplus food from local supermarkets and distribute them to local community groups. I felt like we were onto a winner. What could be better than mentoring young people in a safe environment where they got to learn about and cook healthy food together and enjoy a social meal time. And with the added bonus of free food.

So now every Wednesday morning at 7.30am I can be found at the Shrewsbury Food Hub, collecting a random crate of fruits and vegetables and mulling over what to create. I basically play ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ on a weekly basis!


We’re keen to see more of these groups set up linked to local secondary schools, so give us a shout it you’d be interested.

Hannah Moore
Centre Director, Shrewsbury Youth for Christ