The No Worries course

We all worry about things from time to time, or experience stressful situations we’d rather avoid.

For most people, anxiety is a normal, sometimes even helpful, part of life.

For others, anxiety can be crippling, and prevent them from reaching their full potential and realising their value. At Shrewsbury Youth For Christ, we want all the young people we work with to be healthy and happy; sadly, however, anxiety is something that an increasing number of the young people we meet have to deal with on a regular basis.

As someone who has experienced mental illness and anxiety as a teenager and into adulthood, I am passionate about helping young people deal with mental health issues. Statistics show that 50% of all mental health problems are already established by the time a young person reaches the age of 14, with anxiety disorders affecting 25% of young males and 30% of young females. These are staggering and heart-breaking statistics. We believe that as youth workers we need to be playing a part in recognising the early signs of poor mental health, and offering practical solutions for young people who are suffering.

For this reason, we now offer ‘No Worries’ courses for young people. The course is designed to help reduce anxiety in vulnerable young people by teaching them coping strategies and empowering them to realise their value. It encourages them to talk through their feelings in a safe environment, rather than bottling up their emotions. We hope that this course will encourage more and more young people to recognise their worth, and ultimately help them see themselves as God sees them.

Ellie Sutton

Youth Worker – Shrewsbury Youth For Christ