Bike / Run Wales


I like to call myself a reluctant runner. What this basically means is that I run, not necessarily because I massively enjoy running, but mostly because I massively enjoy eating!

I’ve run a few half marathons over the years but have never quite plucked up the courage to run a full marathon. I mean, twenty six miles is a really, really long way! After many unsuccessful attempts at entering the London Marathon, I decided that this year I would stop making excuses and enter a different marathon. And so I entered the Great Welsh Marathon and started training.

The problem with really long training runs is that they’re generally so boring that your mind starts to wander and think of all sorts of crazy ideas. It was on one such training run that I decided that I might as well add a little bit more fun to my twenty six mile challenge: I’d ride my bike down to South Wales too. Let’s not mention that I haven’t ridden my bike for about 3 years.

The thing is, Youth for Christ as an organisation defines itself as being courageous and innovative and I wanted to give myself a challenge that lives up to the fantastic organisation that I serve. We are an organisation that seeks to represent Jesus – and we do this by being daring, by being creative and by showing radical love to those around us. I love Shrewsbury Youth for Christ and the work that we do alongside young people all across Shrewsbury. And so I’m going to be as courageous and daring as I can be in setting myself this sponsorship challenge.

We’re currently embarking on a new project which seeks to support young people who are struggling with mental health. I want to raise an additional £1,000 to help this, and all of our other projects to continue running.

Please visit my sponsorship page and consider giving generously to this important work.

Sponsorship Page

I’ll be updating this page over the next month or so to keep you updated ion my training progress.

Hannah Moore
Centre Director, Shrewsbury Youth for Christ